ELLA CAR TURİZM TİC. LTD. STI. will continue to improve its service quality for consumer rights and to offer reliable and safe holidays.
Our quality policy,
       *To satisfy our customers by increasing the productivity of our companys employees and by providing services in accordance with international quality standards and in the best way and time,

* To comply with the laws stipulated by the law, unconditionally and without compromise,

*To adopt as a basic duty not to endanger the health and safety of our guests by informing all employees according to the conditions of the day,

* To continuously improve our service quality and to benefit from developing technological conditions,

Our vision,
To adopt the philosophy of unconditional customer and employee satisfaction, to be the leader of the sector and a wellknown brand in its reputation.
Our mission
* To be a leader in innovations in the sector,
* Continuous improvement in individual and corporate sense,
* To present all the possibilities of technology to its employees and customers,
* To continue working life with social values,
* Being the preferred company to work with,

Never lie.
Never shy away from honesty.
Do not scold or despise anyone.
Do not interfere in anyones business.
Do not try to spoil the finished work.
Make your payments at the promised time.
Pay the worker before his sweat dries.
At the time of payment from the job you negotiated, do not deduct money again.
The word comes out. Even if you lose a deal on a purchase, do not return.
Be tolerant of everyone.
Always protect your family.
Do not leave your spouse, friends and relatives.
Do not turn away anyone who comes to your door.
Know the other yourself; look like that.
Wealth has no limits, it has rewards.
Protect your business, your people, your country, your state and your flag.

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